Convenient Hours and Locations

The Agganis Program is offered in 7 convenient locations in the Boston area.

We have daytime, evening and weekend classroom sessions to accommodate your teenager’s schedule. In addition, we offer weekly road test services.

As a courtesy to our students and parents, we send email confirmations of class schedule, each driving lesson, and weekly road tests.

Protect Your Family with DriveID

The Industry’s First and Only True Distracted Driving Solution


Cellcontrol DriveID™ from Cellcontrol

Cellcontrol™ is an innovative new product that stops teens or any vehicle operator from using their smartphone while driving. Cellcontrol™ blocks texting, emailing and more while driving.

Complete analytics & customizable options available on online dashboard.

  • Prevents drivers from texting
  • Ensures the driver stays focused on driving
  • Activates when vehicle is in motion
  • Tamper Resistant
  • Speed notifications sent to parents
  • Hard braking incidents are logged and reported
  • Locations Services (Tracking)
  • Solar Powered

Distracted Driving is Reaching Epidemic Proportions

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration statistics are scary:

  • Over 1,400 people are killed or injured daily as a result of distracted driving.
  • Distracted driving is the #1 killer of teens today
  • Texting & Driving increases crash risk by 2,300%

Your family doesn’t need to be a statistic. With Cellcontrol™, you give your teen the freedom to drive and you know that they are not at risk for driving distraction. With Cellcontrol, not only do you enforce your phone use expectations, you remove the chance that anyone can unintentionally distract your teen while they’re driving.

  • 80% of young drivers think that texting makes no difference to their driving performance
  • 68% of young drivers 18 to 20 are willing to answer incoming phone calls on some, most, or all driving trips
  • 11% of all drivers under the age of 20 involved in fatal crashes were reported as distracted at the time of the crash.

Accuracy…That’s on Track

Cellcontrol™ simply works. It’s reliable and steady. Because Cellcontrol accesses the car’s driving metrics, it works even at speeds as slow as 1 mph.


  • The vehicle tells us instantly when in motion and we begin protecting. Regardless of vehicle location, wireless access, or GPS availability – Cellcontrol works.
  • Customizable, you determine how the phone is to be used when the vehicle is in motion
  • Flexible, you can adjust settings to allow for specific applications like navigation and music – vary your policies from most restrictive to most permissive based on your teen’s needs.

What Will it Take For You to Change the Way You Drive?


Protect your family today.

Under 18 JOL – First Offense

Texting / Use of any electronic device, while operating an automobile.
  • Initial fine (maximum) $100
  • 60 Day License Suspension
  • 4 Hour Attitude Retraining Program $175
  • Learners Permit Fee $30
  • Application Fee (for Road Test) $35
  • Drivers License Test $129
  • License Reinstatement Fee $100